Topic series sewage sludge recycling in Germany: BGBL JG 2017 part 1 no. 65 – article 4 & 5

What does the German legislation state with regards to future sludge recycling?

According to the current directive phosphorus must be recovered from sewage sludge starting from January 1st, 2029. Therefore until 2023 the German municipal sewage plant operators are requested to analyze their sewage sludge and present suitable measures for the recovery of phosphorus as well as for the usage of the remainders as fertilizer or other means of disposal. 2027 the sludge has to be analyzed again. As of 2029 the directive requires the recovery of phosphorus – at that time, the usage of sludge remainders as fertilizer in and on soil is still allowed. From 2032 the agricultural use of sludge as fertilizer on fields is forbidden. In order to meet legal requirements, it is necessary to rethink in due time.
We at Green Sentinel have developed a process that can satisfy these demands – recovery of phosphorus and other raw materials and after drying processes generation of a thermally usable substitute fuel from the sludge remainders. A zero-discharge solution that furthermore reduces CO2 emissions substantially.

With reference to the following Federal Law Gazette:

BGBL JG 2017 Teil 1 Nr. 65