Topic series waste disposal & recycling: 476. (2010) & changes 135. (2013) Waste Incineration Ordinance

From residual to recoverable material PecuPower!

Environmental protection, climate targets and recycling are not only current topics they will remain with us in the future – after all we want to pass on Mother Earth to our children and grandchildren. It is important to take the right steps right now and we are happy to contribute to that. With our developed RSR-process we help municipal sewage treatment plants to recover and use the optimum from the sewage sludge. Thus, after cleaning, neutralization and drying processes a thermally usable substitute fuel remains as final product – our PecuPower. The results of this generated product are well below the limits of the Waste Incineration Ordinance. The waste product sewage sludge was converted into a recyclable material through the RSR-process, and it will contribute sustainably to a better economic and ecological balance.   

With reference to the following Federal Law Gazette: